Karola Löffler
Freelance Knitted & Constructed Textile Designer

My Story

Creativity and the ability to apply my creativity is something that I believe has been passed down to me through past generations of skilled craftsmen within my family. It is innate, although my skills continue to develop. The excitement and curiosity to develop new ideas - and the feeling of great contentment when successful ideas form - is not learnt, but has always existed within me.

Having had the privilege to attend a school that specialises in the arts from the age of 11 meant that from an early age I was exposed to the world of design and had the ability to apply my imagination in different ways. Very soon it became apparent to me and everyone around me that textile art was something that seemed to come very naturally and instinctively to me.

After my foundation in Art and Design at the London College of Fashion, I received a Bachelor of Arts at Buckinghamshire University specialising in Knitted and Constructed Textiles. This was a crucial point within my development as a designer: discovering my love for knitted techniques and developing a wider media output for my imagination.

During my work on my graduate collection I became fascinated with combining knit and crochet techniques with fur and leather: using traditional techniques with new materials to create exciting and innovative ideas for a couture market.

Since my graduation in 2012 I have been constantly developing as an artist and designer gaining a great deal of experience in the industry. I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies to develop new and exciting techniques. Working as a freelancer I am constantly working on my own ideas, developing samples, techniques and products and seeing where the next project may lead me.

Creativity is a never ending journey. It is all about how one idea sparks the next, trails of thought grow and expand, and even when I am not consciously designing my mind constantly views the world around me with eyes of inspiration.

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